Transition programs at St John’s support children and families moving both into and out of the community of St John’s Lambton. The overall aim for transition at St John’s is to ensure the process is a smooth and positive experience for all students, and that the students feel better prepared to meet the expectations and challenges of the new environment. 

Transition to St John’s Primary School

The transition program for beginning Kindergarten students involves several opportunities for children and families including:

  • After initial contact, parents are asked to make an appointment to visit the school and meet the Principal and Assistant Principal
  • Parents invited to attend a school information meeting – covering specific school information and school readiness
  • New students are invited to visit the school and the Kindergarten classroom
  • School staff contact preschool providers and visit preschool settings. If required, further meetings, visits and contact with specific providers/therapists may follow
  • Parents and students attend a Kindergarten orientation morning. Students meet their Year 6 buddies and participate in classroom activities
  • Students attend several transition mornings across the course of Term 4. These involve classroom activities, a visit to the school library and canteen and playground games. Parents are encouraged to mingle and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee
  • Parents and students are invited to attend a parish/school Mass at 5pm on a weekend in November or December. The children are introduced and welcomed to the parish
  • Parents and children are invited to attend the parish Christmas Eve Mass
  • Students are welcomed to the community on their first day of school. Parents are encouraged to attend a parent lunch
  • Parents attend a Kindergarten parent information session in the first few weeks of Term 1.
  • The Buddy Program - when students enrol in Kindergarten at St John’s, they are supported in their transition by a buddy allocated to them from the following year’s Year 6 class. The buddies work throughout the last term of the pre-school year to assist the new Kindergarten students to transition comfortably to school.

Transition from St John’s to High School

Transition for students attending St Pius X High School, Adamstown or San Clemente High School, Mayfield includes:

  • Specialist staff run a transition group for Year 6 students who require support managing the transition process. Students can self-refer to this group or the class teacher may be involved. This group operates through Terms 3 and 4 with students able to move into or out of the group at any time
  • After enrolment, representatives from high schools visit St John’s to meet with the class teacher
  • Students attend several days/activities at St Pius and/or San Clemente including sport days, science and engineering sessions, attending the school musical and choir workshop, as well as parent meetings and orientation visits
  • Classroom and Learning Support Teachers are available to discuss learning and social needs with representatives of each school students are transitioning to
  • Additional school visits are available for students with needs including EAL/D and SWD, as well as those with anxiety.