St John’s aims to provide opportunities to develop and cultivate leadership qualities within all students. We aim to instil in students, a strong sense of social justice through the service of others.

School Leaders

All students from Year 6 are eligible to become school leaders. Willing students apply to the principal committing to a community service activity where they gain a taste of the expectations and role of student leaders. At the end of that period, if they are willing to accept the role, students present a speech to the school community, after which voting takes place. The successful students are presented with their leader badges at the beginning of the school year Mass. 

The leaders perform a number of leadership at school assemblies and liturgies. They meet and liaise often with teachers and the principal. St John’s school leaders are responsible for setting a good example of being responsible, respectful and safe at all times.

Leaders have the responsibility of making available sports equipment, maintaining house enthusiasm in sporting activities, representing the school at community functions – ANZAC March, Catholic Schools Week celebrations, the Caritas launch, as well as school based activities such as harmony games, fundraisers and mission days. A major part of their role in the school is problem solving and forward thinking. The leaders assist with Mission Day activities throughout the year and other social justice initiatives.